About Renewable Energy and Water Generation and Treatment Forum

Despite being one of the earliest advocates for renewable energy in the Middle East, the renewable energy sector in Kuwait is still in its early stages. Renewable energy is currently high on the government’s development agenda, and Kuwait’s renewable energy program aims to generate 15% of its total energy consumption  by renewable sources by 2035 – that is over 4.5GW capacity.  The government and the oil sector are the two biggest investors in renewables, but there is an increasing amount of private sector involvement from developers and operators who are taking part in realizing these goals.

The Ministry of Water & Electricity (MEW), Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR) and the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) play an important role in Kuwait’s push towards low-carbon economy. KISR has is mandated to develop large-scale alternative energy systems in collaboration with international institutions and technology companies. Speakers from MEW, KISR and KAAP will deliver their requirement from the private sector, as well as detailing critical project priorities, their time-lines and profile of technology companies needed to deliver projects.

The Kuwait Infrastructure Week delivers project owners, developers, operators, contractors and their partners, solar PV and CSP technologies, energy consultants and financiers who will detail the scenarios and possible PPA scenarios. Showcasing their innovation and ability to deliver Kuwait’s renewable energy portfolio are their product and service providers including solar product manufacturers, solar component providers (mounting, controls and tracking systems).

The Water Generation and Treatment Forum addressed critical needs to generate water for a growing population but also wastewater treatment and reuse for industrial sectors, irrigation and cooling. Key project highlights will be Umm Al Hayman and related projects with the Ministry of Electricity & Water as well as the Ministry of Public Works.

Key Speakers presenting on this Forum include:
  • Eng. Suhaila Marafie, Director of Studies & Research Department, Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW)
  • Andrea Lovato, Executive Director & Head of Renewable Development, ACWA Power
  • Eng. Ahmed Al Otaibi, Engineering Project Manager, Renewable Energy Program, Kuwait Institute of Science & Research (KISR)
  • Eng. Adal Al Safar, Head of Section, Sanitation Department, Ministry of Public Works (MPW)
  • Dr. Rania Azmi, Investment & Finance Adviser to Middle East Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Dr. Fotouh Al-Ragom, Program Manager, Energy Efficiency Program, Kuwait Institute of Science & Research (KISR)
  • Dr. Badr Al Anzi, Chairman of the Department of Environmental Technologies & Management, Kuwait University, Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Kuwait
  • Raghav Gandhi, Vice President – Development, National Real Estate Company (NREC)
  • Eng. Jamal Al Qazweeny, Program Manager, Sustainability & Reliability of Infrastructure Program, Kuwait Institute of Science & Research (KISR)
  • Eng. Dina Al Nakib, Program Manager – Water & Energy Program, Research Directorate, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)