Excellent opportunities for the construction and infrastructure industry:
  • Kuwait has weathered the economic conditions better than its neighbours and is one of the most active GCC countries that is heavily investing in infrastructure
  • Kuwait is set to spend about US$ 15.6 billion on infrastructure and other projects in fiscal year 2017-2018
  • Kuwait’s government will be building 12,000 residential units each year
  • Kuwait has adopted an ambitious vision to generate 15% of its total energy needs by 2030 from renewable energy sources. It is estimated that the project will spare up to $2.4bn annually
  • The government will contribute 49.3% of the investment, around 33.8% will be spent by the state-owned oil sector and a further 16.9% will be spent by the private sector within public private partnerships programmes (PPP)
  • Kuwait continues its PPP programme led by KAPP (with its (Umm al-Hayman) wastewater treatment plant PPP and waste PPP under consideration and the need to welcome renewable energy developers to drive the sectors
  • Kuwait’s public works ministry plans to spend $2.3bn this year – roads and building works supporting the PAHW
  • The PAHW continues to invest in the housing sector with the South Al Mutlaa City ($950 million) consisting of 12 concentrated suburbs comprising of 28,363 houses with capacity for 400k people.
  • Led by PAHW the South Saad Al Abdulla Smart City will accommodate 30,000 houses and will be the first phase of a smart city showcasing interconnected technology advanced and eco-friendly.
  • Other developers are leading the way with the South Sabah Al Ahmed Sea City, the Jaber Al Ahmed Residential City and the West Abdullah Al Mubrak Project